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          Professional silk scarves are customized, we can - yuetimei

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          In the customization of silk scarves and scarves, if the traditional printing and packaging method is used to customize the complicated pattern design, not only the cost will be increased, but also the job responsibilities will be very complex. Moreover, when the pattern design is complicated, the expected effect of the paper factory that customizes the pattern design will also be reduced. Silk fabric scarf manufacturers generally choose digital printing when they encounter such a situation, so we can go down and learn about the advantages of silk scarf customization.

          There are three key competitive advantages for post silk scarves:


          1、 The engineering drawings and color details of post silk scarves are further improved

          Digital printing can be used to manipulate the ink dot specifications and models of the printer nozzle of the color printer. It can be used to customize the silk fabric scarf with detailed design patterns.

          2、 Digital printing is selected for post silk scarves, which will have a stronger touch Most of the fabrics made by digital printing have no plating feeling. Digital printing is light, soft and has good stickiness. Even for industrial paint digital printing, because the epoxy resin in the secret recipe is very small, most of them are not easy to hurt the touch. PH pH digital printing, style digital printing, digital printing with decentralized heat transfer technology and digital printing with decentralized in cylinder direct injection are all uncoated and do not affect the touch of the original knitted fabric.


          3、 Customized products with complicated designs and smart digital printing

          Respond quickly to customers' requirements, and compare with the traditional digital printing design pattern that cannot be changed. Digital printing can change the pattern, pattern design and color at will according to its own ideas until it is ensured. It can be said that the sensitivity of digital printing is particularly high, and it is also closely related to the requirements of many interior designers and their own customers who want to modify the draft several times.

          Digital printing has already been gradually improved in the post silk scarves customization industry, and the innovation of professional ability is continuously completed. If you have requirements for post silk scarves customization, you are welcome to call Shaoxing yueti Textile Clothing Co., Ltd. with 3.0 digital inkjet technology and application of environmental friendly pigments, the company has one-stop customization from design scheme to finished products, with an annual production capacity of 3million. Mobile phone 139575266300575-81161206