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          How long does a custom silk scarf take? Steps of customizing a scarf (1) - Yue Timei

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          掃一掃!How long does a custom silk scarf take? Steps of customizing a scarf (1) - Yue Timei掃一掃!
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          Silk scarves are no longer an uncommon product, so what do you know about custom silk scarves? How long does it take to customize? So let's talk about how long it takes to customize a silk scarf!

          Silk scarf

          From the selection of embryonic fabrics to the packaging and delivery of finished products, the large and small processes need to be done by manufacturers. What customers need to do is to put forward their needs, what size, material, and quantity of silk scarves they need, whether they need it or not. Need gift box packaging, need other accessories, these are what customers have to think about, and the rest is the matter of the manufacturer, so how long does it take to customize a silk scarf? Is it possible that if I place an order today, the manufacturer can do it today? Actually not, because there are other processes before this! Let's see next!

          Silk scarf

          Custom silk scarves are relatively easy for manufacturers who are proficient in material characteristics and printing technology, so how long does it take to make custom silk scarves? What preparatory work should be done? As far as customers are concerned, all they have to do is to give your source files to the manufacturer and your needs, and then the manufacturer can start preparing for proofing. Some people ask what proofing means, and the meaning of proofing is to make a sample first to see. The overall effect, the finished sample can be sent to the customer to see if there is any deviation between the product we made and the product you expected. If it is in line with expectations, you can talk about order cooperation. You need to pay attention. The thing is, you need to pay a proofing fee when proofing, and this money will be refunded according to the order quantity when the customer places an order! Because the cost of proofing is relatively high, manufacturers generally charge a proofing fee! However, this proofing fee is also a reasonable price, and there will be no random quotation!

          Silk scarf

          So how long does it take to sample? Is it possible to make a sample today and come out tomorrow? Actually no, after we receive the source file, it will take time until the proofing is over, because most of the time it will not be successful once, we have to proofing multiple times, so that the color we make will be the same as you want. Therefore, when proofing, in most cases, manufacturers are in a state of loss, but we have always believed that only when there is an opportunity for proofing, there will be opportunities for cooperation! So the general proofing time is about 3-5 days!

          Silk scarf

          Speaking of proofing time, what else is there? We will talk about it in the next article! Welcome to consult us!

          Silk scarf








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