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          How do scarf manufacturers make scarves, these little knowledge about scarves that you don't know - Yue Timei

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          掃一掃!How do scarf manufacturers make scarves, these little knowledge about scarves that you don't know - Yue Timei掃一掃!
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          Recently, I received a message from some customers asking us how the scarf manufacturer makes scarves. I want to know other small knowledge of scarf customization, so today we will share with you how our scarf manufacturer makes scarves!

          How do scarf manufacturers make scarves

          Then let's share the sample types of surface accessories that our scarf manufacturers make scarves! In the whole process of making orders for the surface and accessories, the samples of the surface and accessories that need to be followed up are as follows:

          1. Swatches

          The fabric color sample is commonly known as "palm sample" or "Lab Dip". It is a sample woven by fabric suppliers for the selected color according to the requirements of customers or clothing enterprises. It is mainly used to determine the color of the fabric, referred to as color swatch. The weaving requirements of the color plate are fast and accurate. Usually, the customer specifies the color number to be proofed. The source of the color number is usually the color card provided by the supplier, or the color number is selected from the Pantone CNCS color card series book. The Pantone color number is an international color number, so the clerks of some scarf customization customers will also mark the color number, which is conducive to the control of the color of our team's scarves!

          How do scarf manufacturers make scarves

          2. Shaka

          Yarn card, also known as line card, is a yarn sample for determining the composition, feel and characteristics of the fabric. When quoting the fabric, the merchandiser obtains the yarn card from the yarn supplier and sends it to the customer, and selects the appropriate yarn sample as the yarn sample. The final standard of the product to ensure the production quality of the garment.

          How do scarf manufacturers make scarves

          3. Confirmation board

          The confirmation board, also known as the approval board, is a template for confirming the overall effect of the surface accessories before the official production of the surface accessories. The items that need to be confirmed for the confirmation board include: texture, composition; thickness, weight, width, specifications; color, pattern, texture, texture; feel, elasticity, drape; color fastness and other tests; finishing effect; origin, supplier.

          In addition, it should also include the approval of the bulk manufacturer, minimum order quantity and other materials. Only after the confirmation board of the surface and accessories is confirmed by the customer, the supplier can arrange the mass production of the surface and accessories. The confirmation board is divided into several common templates according to the focus of the confirmation content.

          How do scarf manufacturers make scarves

          (1) Hand feel board. When the customer has special requirements for the finished product, especially the finished products after adding soft washing water factory. The fabric department or processing factory strictly checks the hand feel standard when producing bulk fabrics or washing them, and tries to make the soft size of the fabric meet the customer's hand feel requirements.

          (2) Printing/embroidery board. The printing/embroidery board is based on the customer's requirements, using the correct color base material, printing material, embroidery thread, accurate color matching, pattern, texture, and accurate position and specification on the already woven fabric color sample. Patterns, etc., after the outsourcing merchandiser checks and confirms the sample, it will be sent to the customer to approve the approval board for the pattern effect. Only customers who pass the confirmed sample can enter mass production. These steps are all to be done, as long as the customer confirms that it is correct, we can proceed to the next step!

          How do scarf manufacturers make scarves

          Generally, the production time of printing/embroidery confirmation board is about 5 days. The outsourcing merchandiser should keep a record of the handover of the printing/embroidery board, including the name, contact information, printing/embroidery price, quality and other information of the outsourcing factory, so as to facilitate the inquiry and contact of similar processing business in the future. If the merchandiser has any doubts, do not make subjective judgments, and must promptly ask the customer, and at the same time strive to shorten the confirmation cycle of the sample.

          How do scarf manufacturers make scarves

          (3) Washing board. The washing board is a post-finishing model that is washed according to customer requirements, and the shrinkage, hand feel, elasticity, grinding and fading effects of surface accessories after washing are detected. The same fabric will have different finishing effects with different washing methods, so pay attention to the accurate control of washing conditions when documenting orders.

          喜慶中國風元宵節通用主圖圖標 (2)

          As a scarf manufacturer, these steps are what we have to do for every customer order. In addition to these steps, we also have other processes next, so we

          Let me share it with you today. We will talk about the little knowledge about custom scarves from scarf manufacturers next time! If you have anything else you want to know and understand, you can leave a message to us!

           How do scarf manufacturers make scarves

          ——The content of the article is excerpted from "Clothing Documentary Practice"




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