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          Can the requirements be modified during scarf production? An article gives you the answer - yuetimei

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          掃一掃!Can the requirements be modified during scarf production? An article gives you the answer - yuetimei掃一掃!
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          A good friend of a customer asked, when the order information changes temporarily in manufacturing, can it change? Then let's share with you the criteria for accepting changes.


          1. Whether manufacturing progress is allowed.

          When foreign users buy clothes in China, the span of order information from receiving order information to delivery is generally from half a year to one year, which usually takes a long time. When the customer clearly proposes to change the order information, the order follower must consider which link the order information is in to consider whether it can meet the customer's requirements.

          1) Early stage of order information: in the early stage of order information, because there is no distribution of production and manufacturing, no matter the whole process of design style, the change of surface auxiliary materials does little harm to production and manufacturing. We should try our best to meet the requirements of customers and cooperate with the change of order information, but we must follow up relevant matters, such as the change of harmonious contract text, and the change of design style must be trial production, testing and approval of test products; Change of new standard sample card and purchase contract text.

          Customers clearly put forward that the increase or decrease of the total amount of order information, the change of the proportion of specifications and colors, and the change of delivery date will do great harm to the production planning. Be sure to consider whether the capacity of the order information at this stage and the operational flexibility of the production operation plan can be adjusted and changed. Changes in the total number and specifications shall be based on the signing of the supplementary agreement to the contract.


          (2) Middle and later stage of order information: in the middle and later stage of order information, when customers clearly put forward changes, they must measure the benefits and suggestions of various parties, and whether they can complete the enforceability and difficulty coefficient. After the approval and approval board of surface auxiliary materials are determined in the order information of City Plaza, it has gradually entered the production and manufacturing process, and the order information design style, processing technology and surface auxiliary materials are allowed to be changed.

          For changes that cannot be achieved, we should always adhere to the original contract text. For the articles that are likely to change, we need to discuss with customers, manufacturers, dealers and other parties according to the actual progress of order information, and follow up the solutions. For example, if the total number of order information is less, there will be too many surface auxiliary materials. At this time, we must discuss with customers the solution of the remaining surface auxiliary materials.


          (3) Middle and later stage of order information: in the middle and later stage of order information production and manufacturing, the goods are basically manufactured, and the style and raw materials cannot be changed. Users are allowed to clearly put forward change regulations on discount mode, supply cycle, transportation means and delivery address.

          If the customer clearly proposes to postpone the delivery, it should negotiate with the customer about the storage cost and delivery deposit of the finished products, and negotiate the actual delivery date. At the same time, the enterprise team members should coordinate with the production plant to carry out commodity storage and storage. If the goods are already leaving the factory, they can be temporarily stored in the warehouse of the freight logistics organization or the harbor.

          If the customer requires early delivery, it must be in harmony with the order information staff. Whether the manufacturer works overtime to produce all or part of the order information, and the overtime salary for early delivery shall be paid by the customer. At the same time, we must discuss the freight logistics method, delivery address and new supply cycle with customers.

          In order to facilitate distribution, production and manufacturing, it is generally stipulated that the style information content in the contract cannot be changed within one week before the commodity economy.


          2. Whether the product cost is allowed.

          When the customer clearly proposes the change, be sure to analyze whether the customer change regulations harm the production cost, such as changes in auxiliary materials and diversity of design style, which will affect the raw material cost and production cost. Be sure to calculate the relevant expenses with the manufacturer, and then negotiate with the customer to change the contract price, or pay by the customer to accept the change.


          3. Whether the production process is allowed.

          When customers clearly put forward the changes of production process, key points of design style and all methods after cleaning, they should master whether the factory can accept the change regulations. In the early stage of order information, if the factory continuously detects the board and still fails to meet the customer's change regulations, you can choose another processing factory. If it has entered the second half of the order information, the factory can test the sandwich panel and then respond whether the customer can change it.

          So, do you know now? Do you still want to know the information content of Weibo production and customization? Leave a message on the message board!









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